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Free consultation, where we:
1) Create a user flow
2) Advice no-code stack
3) Give an estimation

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  • Product account manager
    Planning product
    Building a functional prototype and user flow
    Prioritizing features
    Talking with you
  • UX and UI designer
    Prototyping the product
    UX + UI design
  • Frontend no code developer
    Frontend development in the no code platform
  • Backend no code developer
    Logic, workflows, integrations

Development timeline

Prioritizing features
Analyze what is more important to develop in MVP
UX+UI design
Create a prototype and make a prototype in Figma
We’ll write each day daily reports about progress in your project
Publish your project in the stores/web
Daily tracking
We’ll write each day in the project's team chat. We’ll call with team once a week.
Hey, I'm Alex Manokhin,
founder of Hi no code
Founder, Product management, sales, marketing
I have been creating startups since I was 15 years old.
Every time I have created the projects, I faced a problem - It’s very expensive to test an idea and take a long time to launch it.

1 year ago I discovered no code tools. I was shocked because I developed the MVP of my idea in one weekend!
I understood that no code approach is the best way to build a product and I should help with that other founders.