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No code MVP for a dating app with friend’s referral idea

Brief review: Tools, features, platforms

Tool: Bubble
Platform: PWA app
Development time: 2 weeks
What we have done:
  • UX+UI design
  • app development
Core features:
  • creating profile flow
  • screen with a created link with a share function
  • creating the website of the user’s profile with his username in the subdomain
  • editing profile
  • messenger with matched users
  • the logic of matching users, if both want to meet
  • video calls feature
  • SMS notifications
  • subscription function with Stripe integration
PWA app link

Meet Chelsea, a startup founder from Houston

Chelsea Nichols
Founder of 6 degrees
Marcus Finley
Founder of 6 degrees
Chelsea and her co-founder Marcus are the creators of 6 degrees.

The idea of a startup

6 degrees is a dating app where you can find a couple, but with a different logic of matches. After creating a profile, the user goes to the dashboard screen, where he can copy the link to his profile and then send it to the friend. Then the friend decides to whom he can send your profile depending on which friends could be interested.

Client’s requirements for the app MVP

Chelsea and Marcus wanted to develop a dating app with registration flow, creating user's personal website, messenger, and video calls.
Also, it should be flowing for the 2nd user, who gets the link.
They already had designed and we just needed to transfer it to the no code tool Bubble, set the logic and integrations.

Result. Let's learn user flow and features!

After 2 weeks, we’ve developed the whole app with all functionality and design.
Without any line of code. We used Bubble for that.
You can explore the app by yourself or read about the whole user flow and features below.

1) Registration in the app

The 1st user registers in the app and fills in all info about him. He also types in information about who would be his ideal match.

2) Share message screen

Then he goes to the main screen. Here user can change share message to his friends, who might recommend somebody for date. Text already has link to user's profile

3) Edit profile and preview

Also user can see how his profile looks like and edit it.

4) The 2nd user flow. Review the 1st user

When somebody go to the user's profile link, first he will see onboarding of the app with the idea. And then user 2 go to user's 1 profile. He can approve or decline him.

5) Registration flow and waiting

After approve/decline user goes to the registration flow. And then to main dashboard. Now user 2 waiting for approve user 1

6) User 1 get SMS notification and has new user for reviewing

Now user 1 can review user 2 profile and approve/decline him. If he will approve him, he will go to chat with the user. User 2 will get a SMS notification about the match.

7) Chatting and video calls

Users can chat or make a call video with each other. If one of the users starts call, the 2nd gets SMS notification with the link to call.

8) Subscription

Users have limitations number of connections. If the user connected more than 5 times he gets suggestions to buy a subscription.
Do you want to build MVP for your idea for 2 weeks like Chelsea? Let's discuss it on a one-to-one free consultation with me!
Aleksandr Manokhini
Founder of Hi no code

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