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Tool: Bubble
Platform: Web, PWA
Development time: 2 months
Main features:
  • The customizable constructor of the store goods
  • The customizable constructor of the store color
  • The customizable constructor of the payments options

Meet Terry, a product manager from Austria

  • Terry
    Product manager in ACI Worldwide

Client’s requirements for the app MVP

Terry came to us with a task - develop a web application-constructor with customization features for the e-commerce store.
In ACI Worldwide salespeople make demo presentations of payment integrations for different e-commerce projects.
The conversion rate will be higher if the demo presentations will be created for exactly the client's nishe. With his store goods, colours and the needed payments methods.


We created a customizable constructor, where sales person can set the goods, brand color, and logo, payment methods. And then present this demo store to the client.

Our step-by-step actions

1) Product manager planed the product in user flow

Firstly product manager discussed all requirements with the client and created a user flow with all screens and actions. It helped the designer to develop UX. You can look through the screenshots to see it in more detail.

2) Designer built the UX and UI design of the product

You can look through the screenshots to see it in more detail. We can't show details.

No code development. We can't show you details because of NDA :(((

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