TaxRX — platform for creation R&D tax credit reports

Platform overview

Brief review: Tools, features, platforms

Tool: Bubble
Platform: desktop web app
Development time: 6 months

Meet Ben, he founder of TaxRX group. TaxRX group helps founder to fill in R&D tax reports.

  • Ben
    Founder TaxRX group


1) Employees spend a lot of time on report calculations, generating reports, and billing.
2) All calculations are done in Excel; clients can't access the system to review or edit information.

Solution, idea:

Lead side:
1) Leads can go through the quiz flow, sign contract, pay in Stripe
Main app:
1) Employees calculate their R&D tax credit amounts on the platform.
2) The platform generates a PDF report with the final numbers.
3) The client reviews the final numbers on the platform.

Client’s main aim:

1) To create the user-friendly platform, where business owners can easy to fill information about the costs on wages and get the R&D tax credit report at the same time.
2) To create the user-friendly admin panel, where the team can manage the reports.


TaxRX - is a very complex platform with strong math calculations and more than 50 data tables, 12.000 unique elements in the library.

Numbers in Tax reports need to be very accurate, the cost of failure is very hight and we are in Hi no code have done with this task. You can see below our result in loom recording and the flow pics with explanation of each step.


  • complex calculations and formulas
  • Formulas are complex
  • Complex database with more than 1000 fields
  • 100 pages tax reports with more than 50 tables in there
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