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No code MVP - aggregator for match general contractors and subcontractors

Brief review: Tools, features, platforms

Tool: Bubble
Platform: desktop web + responsive mobile version
Development time: 1 month
What we have done:
  • Landing page with searching field and filters
  • Step by step registration for subcontractor and general contractor
  • The main listing with subcontractors. With filters
  • Card with all information about subcontractor
  • The logic of buying numbers for credits
  • Write off credits only for calls that were more than 1 minute
  • Virtual numbers forwarding logic
  • Automative buying attribution virtual numbers
  • User profile with edit and setting availability time function
  • 9 different scenarios for ATS logic
  • Stripe payment integration for buying credits
  • Admin panel with the logic of approving and declining users
  • Conditions of subs for the general contractor - seen, called
  • Accessibility setting
LInk to marketplace

Meet Jacob, a startup founder from Los Angeles

Jacob Dor
Founder of Subhub
Jacob Dor - machine learning pro from Israel. He also has a few startups in different fields.

The idea of a startup

The idea of the marketplace - match general contractors and subcontractors. General contractors can select subs with filters, contact and hire them. There are a few services on the US market with the same idea, but all of them are very complex, with bad UX. Jacob realized, that he can do service with better UX and with more convenient and clear monetization - paying for each contact.

Client’s requirements for the app MVP

Jacob came with a huge document of requirements and step by step plan of develop the product. He wanted a fully functional service in the 1st version, MVP. With call forwarding, payment logic for each number and admin dashboard for managing users.

Result. Step by step development

We planed the product

First we created user flow and functional prototype with all screens and logic.

Then we built whole design of the product

Our designers made UX and UI design of all screens in Figma.

No code development. User flow presentation.

Finally we start to transfer all screens to Bubble.io and set the logic. Let's learn user flow.

1) Landing page

First user go to the landing page. Here he can choose filters and go to the main listing. Or register as general contractor/subcontractor.

2) Subcontractor floe. Registration.

If the user is a subcontractor, he can go to step-by-step registration. We have here verification logic.

2) Subcontractor profile and aditing page

After onboarding, the subcontractor goes to the profile screen. He can change his card/change availability time.

3) General contractor flow. Main listing.

The general contractor goes to the main listing after filling in filters. Contractor can filter subs by type of project, location, capacity and etc.

4) Sub's card. Showing number after payment.

After clicking on the sub, the general contractor goes to the sub's card. Here he can learn more about the sub and if he wants to contact him, he should but credits first and then the number will be open. And if the general contractors haven't registered he wan't see the button.

5) General contractor profile

The general contractor can manage all information about him in the profile and he can also see the list of subs, with which he has contacted?

6) Super admin panel.

In the admin panel, the admin can review all users - verify or decline. If he verifies a sub and then a virtual number will be bought and assigned. Also, admin can change all information about users and add new subcontractors.

Complex logic

Despite the fact that it is MVP, we have made a huge scope of complex logic. Let's review it!

  • Call forwarding

9 logics of the phone forwarding. We thought about all scenarios and set all of them. For example, if we haven't a user's phone in the database, the robot will say that number is not registered. If the current user hasn't got credits, the robot will also say about that.
Or another scenario - won't write off the credits, if the call will be less than 1 minute.

  • Viewing statuses

We will understand if the general contractor had called the subcontractor and will show that in the list of subs.
Do you want to build MVP for your complex marketplace for 1 month like Jacob? Let's discuss it on a one-to-one free consultation with me!
Aleksandr Manokhini
Founder of Hi no code

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