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No code MVP app — tours with school students for applicants

Brief overview: Tools, features, platforms

Tool: Adalo
Platforms: mobile web application + desktop application
Development time: 3 weeks
What we have done:
  • UX+UI design
  • app development
Core features:
  • Registration for a guide and students in the service, profile
  • Control panel and the ability to accept or reject guide applications
  • List of universities and guides at each university
  • Card of each student with personal information
  • Internal messenger with guides
  • Purchase of a guided tour or meeting
  • Card payment via PayPal
  • Writing a review about the tour
  • E-mailing for users with incoming messages, excursion bookings, etc.
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Meet Debi, a Business Advisor, Book Author, Coach

Debi is a business teacher at Boston College. Also, she wrote the book "First Pitch".
She knows that sometimes it is difficult for applicants to choose a college. They do not consider such important things as:
  • teachers
  • the general atmosphere in the team
  • complexity of training
  • the quality of education
The fact that education in the USA is super expensive makes the choice of a college crucial for many prospective students.

The idea of a startup

Now the problem of a choice is solved by researching the reviews or asking friends from colleges (if you're lucky to know someone on campus).
Debi came up with the idea of online and offline meetings for enrollees and students of the selected university.
The platform allows students to register as guides and applicants can pick guides from universities of their interest and book online/offline consultations or campus tours.

Client’s requirements for no code development

Debi came to us with an unfinished desktop version of the service built on Adalo. After collaborating with the previous development team, many features did not work in the service, and design was required. Debi wanted to fix this and make the mobile version of the platform.

Result. What we have done?

1) Desktop version development. Bug fixing and chat

We started with bug fixes, user flow and the design of a desktop version. Also, we added a chat between the guide and the applicant.

2) UX + UI design of the app

Next, we made a design for the mobile version of the service. We copied all the existing features of the desktop version and refreshed the design.

3) Mobile version development. Mobile user flow.

We continued to develop with Adalo as it is the most simple and fast development platform for no code development with the possibility to create all the needed features.

Onboarding and registration in the app

First, the user gets acquainted with the idea and registers. Then chooses applicant profile and uploads an avatar.

After that he goes to the main screen, where he selects the university of interest

Connect with student

Next, he selects a student from the university and views his profile. Also, the applicant can communicate with students via messenger.

Tour booking and payment

When the choice is made, the user goes through the booking screens of the tour, where he selects the time and date, type of a meeting, and pays for the order.

Process and overcoming challenges:

Development was simple, with an exception of a mailing list setup. It was necessary to connect the mailing list for various actions: new messages, booking a tour, changing the status of a tour. There were constant bugs with the arrival of letters, we reconfigured the actions 30 times, and at 31 letters began to arrive. Third-party APIs are not always good friends with Adalo.
Do you want to build MVP for your idea for 3 weeks like Debi? Let's discuss it on a one-to-one free consultation with me!
Aleksandr Manokhini
Founder of Hi no code

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