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No code MVP in 2 weeks

for date places selection app

Overeview. Tools, features, platforms

Tools: Adalo
Platforms: native app + PWA app
Development time: 2 weeks
Core features:
  • places selection according to the choice of 1 or 2 users
  • user can match with multiply users
  • event scheduling
  • filtering by different parameters
  • maps integration and map listing
  • search function
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Meet Bryson, a startup founder from Los Angeles

Bryson — startup founder and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. He has been launching his startups for 3 years already. In each startup he faces long MVP development.

The idea of a startup

Bryson came to us with the task — develop MVP for his startup, Twiin. He has been managing it for 1 year.
The idea of Twiin — select the place for 2 people to meet taking into account the interests of both. It can be a date or a meeting with a friend.

The main problem with 2-people meetings — choose the place, which both of the partners will like. All people have different interests. For example, I like the cinema and bars, but my friend likes surfing and active sport. But we have common interests as well. The idea is to find these common interests and show meeting places according to them.

It should work like Spotify, where you can make a playlist with music, that you and your partner both like.
App for selecting places have very simular logic with Spotify

Client’s requirements for no code development

  1. Users can choose their interests
  2. Users can find each other in the app and match
  3. Matched users can choose their moods, preferred city, cost range of the place and get a list of places, which fits both of them
  4. Users can see the info card of the place and schedule the meeting
  5. Users can be matched with multiple partners
  6. Users can see places on the map
To be honest, at the 1st meeting I didn't imagine how we will do it with this logic with no code stack, but we were sure that we will find a solution.

At the time we started to work, Bryson already had a clickable prototype and 2600 users, who were waiting for the MVP release. Bryson has already made the first tests with the prototype and users liked it.

Result. Let's learn user flow and features!

After 2 weeks, we’ve developed the whole app with all functionality and design.
Without any line of code. We used Adalo for that.

You can explore the app by yourself or read about whole user flow and features below.

1) Registration and onboarding in the app

User registers in the app and goes to onboarding
Onboarding and registration screens in no code MVP Twiin

2) Choosing interests and place selection

Then the user chooses his interests. And then goes to the main screen with places selected by his interests (for now only selection for him). Here user can go to each place. User also can choose the option to map viewing.

3) Selection places by choosing city, mood, budget

Then the user can go to the “Partner quiz” section. Here user first should find his partner in the app. If the partner is not in the app yet user can send him a message with a registration link. After matching with the partner user chooses the preferred city, mood, vibe, and budget. And then waits for the partner's choice. Partner will be notified, that he should choose his interests.

4) Partner chooses his preferences and both users get a list of the places according to their selections

Partner gets push notification and goes to the app. Then we will see the request and should set his preferences. After that, both of the users get their place selections. Users can explore each place and schedule an event.

About the process of development TWIINE on Adalo:

All flow of no code development in Adalo was pretty good. It was easy to develop most of the features. But we really struggled with the place selection logic.
It was hard to understand how to build the right database and then how to filter places according to the choice of both partners. Adalo has limitations in multiselection filters. You can make a multiselection filter only with one parameter. We solved this problem with some tricks in the database settings.

Client's review

Do you want to build MVP for your idea for 2 weeks like Bryson? Let's discuss it during a one-to-one free consultation with me!
Aleksandr Manokhini
Founder of Hi no code

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