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No code MVP app — personal website for networking events

Brief review: Tools, features, platforms

Tool: Bubble
Platforms: PWA app + mobile web version
Development time: 2 weeks
What we have done:
  • UX+UI design
  • app development
Core features:
  • Creating a profile with social network links and a description
  • Creating a link with the user’s username
  • Creating QR code and NFT link
  • The statistics about clicks and website visitors
  • Profile style changing
PWA app link

Meet Maurits, a startup founder from the Netherlands

Marcus - angel investor and growth manager from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He got the idea while at a networking event and couldn't quickly connect with people.

The idea of a startup

The idea was to create an app for networking, where users can create their own website with links to their social networks. When meeting a new person, users can just show their QR code - a new connection just scans it and goes to the user’s website and then to social networks.

Client’s requirements for no code development

Marcus wanted to make a simple app for the quick creation of a personal website with a link to the social network and a short description of the person. Another important feature that Marcus envisioned implementing - the ability to create a unique link with a username and QR code for scan.

Result. Let's learn user flow and features!

After 3 weeks, we’ve developed the whole app with all functionality and design.
You can go to the link and explore the app by yourself.
Or read about the whole user flow and features below.

User flow of the app

1) User register in the app and fill in info

The user describes himself, creates his own link, downloads an avatar and chooses style.

2) User goes to the home screen, where he can add social networks

The user goes to the home screen. Here he can edit his settings, change style and add social networks.

3) Share, statistics, preview of a personal website

If a user at the event needs to share his QR code to a new person he can check the number of clicks on each link. And also see how his profile looks like.
Do you want to build MVP for your idea for 2 weeks like Maurits? Let's discuss it on a one-to-one free consultation with me!
Aleksandr Manokhini
Founder of Hi no code

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