IQueue — invest platform with queue mechanics

Team project

  • Anna Bondarenko
    Product manager
  • Lubov Nesterova
  • Dmitriy Kuzmin

Brief review: Tools, features, platforms

Tool: Bubble
Platform: desktop web app + mobile responsive
Development time: 2 months

Meet Ben, the founder of Iqueue

  • Ben
    Founder TaxRX group and IQueue co-founder

Client’s request:

  • Create a platform for investors with queue leaderboard logic and funds listing
  • Create admin panel to manage the platform.

Result. Admin panel

To add a new user (Admin or Fund Manager) Admin needs to create a new user in the system.

Now the user can log in via the link on the bottom of this page. There is a 2FA via email

Then user (Admin or Fund manager) needs to create a client's Line. Fund Managers can see only their own lines

To add a new Client, Admin or FM needs to generate a personal sign-up link. For this, 1st Admin or FM needs to create a Lead in the system.

When the Lead became a Client - we can change his place in the line, check logs information, check funds information

Admin can create and manage a fund. FM can only see the fund information

Client's side

Step 1. Client's dashboard and profile

Step 2. Client can commit. He receives the documents on his email. You can see the examples on the side

Step 3. Admin and Fm can check commitment information. Admin can download the participants' information for the funds

Step 4. Client can withdraw

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Aleksandr Manokhin
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